Committee Chairs

Arts & Letters

Cheryl Nunnley & Pam Thomas, Chairpersons

Purpose:  To preserve, communicate, and project all those that express the African-American experience in positive and liberating ways.


Budget & Finance

Jaton Smith, Chairperson

Purpose:  To develop, present, and modify the Chapter budget, as well as, make recommendations on financial policy to the Chapter.


Founders Day

Mary Haile & Melika Anderson, Chairpersons

Purpose:  To acknowledge and celebrate the Founders of our Sorority.


Heritage & Archives

Cheryl Canty, Chairperson

Purpose:  To provide an organized method of research and categorization of the historical data of the chapter; work with the Chapter Historian to ensure that the Chapter's written, electronic, and photographic history is archived and preserved.


Information & Communications

Phoebia Wiggins & Vyce Johnson, Chairpersons

Purpose:  To notify Chapter members of important or emergency events by phone and/or email between Chapter meetings, distribute news releases of the Chapter's activities to local news media, and maintain the Chapter's website.


Internal Audit

ZeNata Donaldson, Chairperson

Purpose:  To nominate an independent auditor, audit the Chapter's financial records, and submit a written report of the findings to the Executive Board.


Membership Services

ZeNata Donaldson & Amber White, Chairpersons

Purpose:  To plan and implement activities or social events to promote sisterly cohesiveness and retention of all members.


Physical & Mental Health

Jada Hubbard & Lavell Thornton, Chairpersons

Purpose:  To develop and promote good physical and mental health education and opportunities for our chapter and the community.


Policies & Procedures

Jacqueline Scott-Bailey & Rhonda Thompson, Chairpersons

Purpose:  To receive and evaluate recommendations for changes in the Policies, Standards, and Procedures for Chapter vote and submission to the Regional member of Scholarship and Standards.


Program Planning & Development

Danielle Cooper & Alana Simmons, Chairpersons

Purpose:   To survey needs, evaluate findings and make recommendations to the Chapter of projects to be undertaken commensurate with aims, purposes and resources of the Sorority; develop and coordinate projects that are consistent with the long range plan and the priorities as approved by the Grand Chapter.



Sharon Parker, Chairperson

Purpose:  To coordinate the annual planning session for the Chapter retreat, look in retrospect at the Chapter's accomplishments and plan for the upcoming year, and develop an agenda and handling the logistics for the retreat.


Risk Management

Tracey Mobley-Chavous, Chairperson

Purpose:  Ensure the Chapter members and other volunteers are trained annually and adhere to the Sorority‚Äôs Risk Management policies as outlined in the Chapter Management Handbook.


Ritual & Ceremonies

DeVonne Smalls & Lauren Young, Chairpersons

Purpose:  To increase member's knowledge and appreciation of the fundamental principles of the Sorority's basic belief system as demonstrated in the Delta Sigma Theta Ritual, ceremonies, rites, traditions, and protocol.


Scholarships & May Week

Shanna Garrick & Dorothya Nero, Chairpersons

Purpose:  To set criteria for the disbursement of those funds raised and set aside for scholarships; to solicit, identify, and evaluate the qualifications of those persons requesting financial assistance for education.


Social Action & Political Education

Joyce Rose-Harris & Sherena Gurley , Chairpersons

Purpose:  To support the resolutions (policies) adopted by the Grand Chapter and to implement programs to support issues identified by the National Social Action Commission.


Step Team

Michelle Bethea, Chairperson

Purpose:  To promote physical health and wellness by representing the Chapter during step show events at regional conferences and national conventions, community events, fundraisers and competitions.


Ways & Means

Selena Pickens & Monique Flowers, Chairpersons

Purpose:  To devise activities (Ways) to generate funds (Means) to achieve the goals and programs of the Chapter.